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  • Back in September, I was rushing to get to my college classes and ended up getting a speeding ticket. Was extremely worried about having to… read more

    Anika Avatar
  • I worried Mr. McMann to death an he’s truly the best lawyer! From the worst charges in the world to just a traffic ticket!! Please… read more

    Chris Henderson Avatar
    Chris Henderson
  • Best lawyer online!!!

    Eduardo Eyrich Avatar
    Eduardo Eyrich
  • Special thanks to Logan for getting all my charges dismissed today!!!

    YODA Music Avatar
    YODA Music
  • Simple fast process, no hassle no bs

    Jay H Avatar
    Jay H
  • Today Mr Logan showed up and showed out with his representation for my son. He got all his charges dropped. Thank you Mr Logan.

    Raine Willis Avatar
    Raine Willis
  • Attorney Logan is one of the best in his field. It really helped me have peace of mind knowing he was on top of everything…. read more

    Evan Cruz Avatar
    Evan Cruz
  • Great people, they were very sensible I was never lost in the process & not too mention ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED 🤝

    Demetrius Martin Avatar
    Demetrius Martin
  • Thank you so much James McMinn helped me get my license back got all 5 of my charges dismissed with no points, highly recommend, He’s… read more

    Deshika McCullough Avatar
    Deshika McCullough
  • The best defense attorneys in the state hands down big thank you for this firm, they are very professional, hard working and caring for clients…. read more

    Chef Sean Avatar
    Chef Sean
  • Logan handled my DWI case and got the case dismissed completely. After dealing with McMinn and Logan for 2 years regarding my case, I have… read more

    Carlos Diaz Avatar
    Carlos Diaz
  • if y’all got a speeding ticket or anything please contact Mr.Mcminn he was for sure on it and stayed on it , I was so… read more

    Azaria leak Avatar
    Azaria leak
  • Mr. McMinn and everyone in his office beyond impressed me ! They handled a traffic violation for me , had it dismissed , no points… read more

    Lucia Becerra Avatar
    Lucia Becerra
  • Best attorney ever got my license back in no time .

    Garland Dockery Jr Avatar
    Garland Dockery Jr
  • This was my very first lawyer visit and I gotta say that it was the best possible experience i could have from beginning to end… read more

    Lamar Sanders Avatar
    Lamar Sanders
  • The work they do here is great. They work quick at getting your issues handled. They got my license back and without court cost. Thank… read more

    Taz B Avatar
    Taz B
  • Had 4 non-moving violations from years ago keeping my license suspended. Was quoted an affordable rate, suspension was lifted within the week I made contact… read more

    De'Shaun Campbell Avatar
    De’Shaun Campbell
  • Mr Mcminn got my license back years ago great service on time respectful and respected great job

    Isaiah Baskins Avatar
    Isaiah Baskins
  • Great customer service very happy with the outcome

    Emma santiago Avatar
    Emma santiago
  • Thought i would NEVER get my license back, but after paying off my tickets and the superb service of James McMinn i was able to… read more

    Timeka Spease Avatar
    Timeka Spease
  • Great Lawyer’s in this Firm….They Believe in Justice and will Go to War for their Clients

    broadus taylor Avatar
    broadus taylor
  • Got my ticket dismissed always come to him with my traffic needs

    latisha jones Avatar
    latisha jones
  • This man is the best lawyer I’ve ever had ! He literally text me back the same day I called . Didn’t charge me an… read more

    margie jackon Avatar
    margie jackon
  • Great team cant ask for better representation i had a DWI and they helped me to get it dismissed best i have had before ,very… read more

    Brad Hampton Avatar
    Brad Hampton
  • Look no further for the best attorney around. He took my dui case to trial and it was dismissed. He also got my husband his… read more

    Heather Hall Avatar
    Heather Hall
  • Wendy Nolan has been the best lawyer ever! She handled my my case and I never had to do a thing !! She got me… read more

    Deanna Shore Avatar
    Deanna Shore
  • I had 7 traffic tickets they were all dismissed with no court of cost or points on my license. I didn’t have too show up… read more

    Ashlee Nikcole Avatar
    Ashlee Nikcole
  • Attorney McMinn provides professional service with fees that won’t break the bank. He is responsive and provides clear information about his representation, expectations, and… read more

    Nikki Fleming Avatar
    Nikki Fleming
  • 10/10 recommendation for the McMinn law firm !!!! He got my license back ALL 11 charges were dismissed. No court costs, NO points &… read more

    Ebony Mitchell Avatar
    Ebony Mitchell
  • Very professional and responsive. I got my license back with no points or court cost at all. Best lawyer around. I highly recommend Mr. McMinn.

    mario alexander Avatar
    mario alexander
  • This firm handled my case with optimal results despite poor judgement on my part. I would highly recommend using them for any driving related offense… read more

    RD 3p0 Avatar
    RD 3p0
  • I definitely recommend McMinn Law Firm! 10/10 professionalism, responsiveness, and they get the job done quick. I paid zero court cost thanks to them!

    Katie Vogler Avatar
    Katie Vogler
  • McMinn Law Firm provided an outstanding service to me , I had nine traffic charges dismissed without any Court costs I highly recommend him for… read more

    Billy Townsend Avatar
    Billy Townsend
  • I text Mr. McMinn about getting my record expunged. He did it within a month time, didn’t have to show up at the court house… read more

    Lanita 5 ,Mcclurkin Avatar
    Lanita 5 ,Mcclurkin
  • When I say the G.O.A.T…💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾License back No Court Cost No fines….My Lawyer is better than yours…..

    Letarrica Birgs Avatar
    Letarrica Birgs
  • My wife contacted McMinn law firm through text , gave him my info, we set a time met and after twenty five years I finally… read more

    Robert Stimpson Avatar
    Robert Stimpson
  • Everything about my experience from day one was great Mcminn was very responsive and informative about anything I need answered. Long story short Mcminn was… read more

    danielle young Avatar
    danielle young
  • You need something done the #RightWay James McMinn is the #Man with the plan!! Thank You Attorney McMinn 💪🏾💪🏾

    Ebony Shontay Avatar
    Ebony Shontay